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Welcome to the Medication Administration Training (MAT) Program Online Learning Center for Virginia child day program providers/ employees and MAT Trainers!



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  • For Child Day Program providers/employees or private school employees: Looking for the MAT Independent Study (IS) Part 1, the EMAT Part 1, the MAT Renewal Part 1 or the MAT Rectal Medication Administration online course? You will need a username and password to log in and access these courses.

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  • MAT Renewal Part 1 (to renew your MAT Certificate 3 years after issue) or Rectal Online Couse Registration Form Questionnaire
    • To print or order MAT Handouts, you can download and print them yourself by clicking the file download links below, or you can order and purchase them online at the MAT Online Store (please allow 2 weeks for processing and delivery.
  • MAT IS 12/31/2015 Version Handouts (double sided for print shop printing) file
  • EMAT 12/31/2015 Version Course Handouts (double sided for print shop printing) file
  • MAT Renewal 12/31/2015 Version "Bring to Class" Handouts file
  • Buy MAT IS or EMAT Handouts online from the MAT Online Store (allow two weeks!) file
    • To print Rectal Medication Administration Handouts, the print files are found inside the course (there are only 9 handouts).
  • For MAT Trainers and Monitors: You are enrolled in the Preparing for Your Monitoring Visit, Grading the MAT Randomized Skills Demonstration and Video Teleconference Training courses listed below.

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